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AFLAC - ACM Commercial

T-Mobile with Kesha & Macklemore

Kohls - The Voice - Intro

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KIA - One To Watch - Episode 104

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Kohls - The Voice - Denim

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23 & Me / ACM

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AML Bitcoin
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Stan Morse cut his television teeth, so to speak, by directing over 300 comedy segments for Load TV an Internet television provider. His background as a SAG actor and DGA First Assistant Director helped him land his award wining campaign for Coors Light. Soon after, Stan directed other notable campaign's including Fox sports net, Red Bull, and AT&T. Recent campaigns for the Tennessee Lottery featuring Isaac Hayes merited Stan a prestige's "ADDY AWARD". Stan's Music video, Zoegirl, nominated for the 35th GMA Award. His most current music video is for Flynnville Train, a new artist on Toby Keith's Label "Show Dog Records". Stan recently finished the feature "The Road Home" Staring Wilford Brimley where he directed second unit. Stan is also the director and founder of the Award winning  "Liquid Radio Players" 1940's improvised radio show based in Los Angeles. Stan is also the co-founder of "Cabaret Dada" Improv Theater in Cleveland Ohio currently in their 13th season.

FRAMES per SECOND Productions, Inc
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